I remember some dark times in my life.  Times when true change and overcoming obstacles seemed completely out of reach.  “Partying” took center-stage and my career seemed like a dead end.  I hit an emotional bottom and didn’t know how to get out of it.  Luckily I came across people and resources that turned that around and changed my life in every conceivable way.  If you find yourself in a difficult situation or your circumstances seem insurmountable, I can help you.

No judgment.  No condescending tone or insincere cheerleading.   But there will be straight talk and laughter (and maybe some tears).  

I can be your coach.  I’m here to listen and guide you through your challenges.

Get in touch.  I’m here to listen.  You can transform your situation and become who you’re meant to be.  

Contact me directly at holly@transformation-addict.com