Some days it seems impossible to get yourself in a good mood.  Here are a few easy things to try if you find yourself in a dark frame of mind.  It’s hard to be angry at the same time you do any of the following.

1. Do an anonymous good deed. (Pay the toll for the person in line behind you; pay for the order of the person behind you in the fast food line, etc.).  You’ll be surprised by how great you’ll feel after doing it.  Its like a little secret you can carry with you, knowing you made someone’s day and that his or her faith in humanity just skyrocketed.  And you were responsible for it.

2. Think of something that brings you joy.  Chocolate cake.  Your kid or pet’s face.  The coffee, cocktail, or favorite meal you’re about to have.  Just close your eyes and picture it for about 30 seconds.  Feel how great that is.  Try to carry that joy into the next activity in your day.

3. Pet an animal.  Assuming you aren’t afraid or allergic, ask a person you see walking their dog if he or she is friendly and if you can pet them.  For a cat – try a pet store.  Or go to a pet supply store; there are almost always kittens and cats there for adoption.  There’s a reason that there is such a thing as therapy pets.  Not only the touch, but just the soothing presence of a domesticated animal can bring a person into an entirely different state of mind.

4. Smile at a baby or small child and try to get them to smile back at you. Just the fact that you have to make a silly face will cheer you up but if you actually get the smile in return… 

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Jackpot.  That’s some pure joy.

5. Write a text to a friend or family member; tell them you are thinking of them. You will have made their day.  They’ll be sure to let you know that, which will in turn make your day.

If all else fails, just find the tiniest reason and/or way to make someone else feel better. Open a door for someone.  Let a car merge in front of you.  Tell a store clerk that she has a great smile or the coffee shop guy that you like his tattoo.  Brightening another’s day is a pretty surefire way to make yourself feel good.  Now go out there and spread some happy.  🙂

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